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  1. My GuestBook

    01/03/12 02:02:40 | 16 Comments

    My Guestbook to communicate with those on the new profiles.

    You can leave me a message here in passing and I have also made me a button ....


  2. Wearable Art Show 2011

    10/08/11 03:05:45 | 5 Comments

    Our local Wearable Art Dinner and Show was a resounding success. I only wish I had the pics to prove it. I wore a chicken wire and garden hose creation entitled the Albany Tornado in recognition of the May Albany Tornado which shocked us all. Both the tornado and the creation did actually. Because of the brevity of certain bits of it I wore a black body stocking beneath to spare the audience. The skirt was decorated with bubble wrap (the wind), twigs, Pack'n Save and New World...
  3. Garden Produce 2010

    12/19/10 04:03:56 | 0 Comments

    My new garden which has just been in 3 weeks is thrivng.
    The weather has been hot and humid and now after 3 days of solid rain it has far supassed my expectations lol
    The rocket, radishes and zuchinni were all planted from seed.

  4. My Garden Produce

    02/27/10 01:36:31 | 4 Comments


    All homegrown apart from the peaches.

    The apple cucumbers are far jucier and tastier than the usual green ones.

    Acid free tomatoes are great for those with an acid intolerance, ulcers or stomach disorders.

    The flat...
  5. Moaning ex MSN'ers & facebook

    10/12/09 22:10:33 | 4 Comments

    I've heard a few moans over the last month as the anniversary of the demise of msn has come and gone. I was feeling the pain for a bit but now I'm convinced that the way forward is to go get ourselves a facebook and myspace page, as this is where the bulk of the people have gone and advertise our groups there. It's a centre platform for almost anything and anyone.

    There are some fascinating groups and pages if one takes the time to really look. I even found one on my old hometown called...
  6. My New Zealand Smilie Collection

    08/20/09 21:30:40 | 4 Comments

My media - The Kiwi version

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